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November 2015
Hearts Overflowing With Thanksgiving

“Too blessed to be depressed, too anointed to be disappointed, too chosen to be frozen, too elected to be rejected, too much to shout about than pout about!” So says our wonderful friend Dr. Bill Bennett, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR. And he’s right! Even during difficult times, we always have reasons for hope and praise. As God’s word reminds us, the Lord has pardoned our sins, healed us many times, redeemed us from hell, given us His loving kindness and compassion, blessed us with many good things and renewed our strength (Psalm 103:1-5). And Psalms 42 and 43 point out, “Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, for the help of His presence.” (It’s repeated three times for emphasis!) Paul, in Philippians 4 instructs us to “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!” Doesn’t it seem that choosing to “rejoice”-“give thanks”-“bless the Lord” is a choice first and an emotion second?

This past month held many blessings! We held a hunters chapel at a ranch on the Cochetopa, shared with a wonderful church in Esterbrook, WY (year-round population of 100, 60+ came, it was really because of the potluck☺), shared at the Rock Solid High School in Littleton, CO, helped start a firefighter-sheriff’s officer Bible study and received the “People’s Choice-Favorite Ski Instructor” award from the Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for your prayers and support; they allow us to be available for each of these!

Fire and Police New Testaments: Chaplain Derek Young of St. Petersburg (FL) reports that he continues to give out all the fire and police New Testaments and Daily Devotionals we send. He not only gives them out in St. Petersburg, but in Orlando and several smaller cities as well. Don and Josie Biggs (Ashville NC) had been praying to find someone at a Volunteer Fire station they kept passing. They wanted to give them a New Testament and devotional. Finally, Don saw one vehicle parked at the station. It turned out to be the volunteer chaplain who said it was a “Bible based department” and asked for a case of firefighter New Testaments as well as the three firefighter devotionals Don had left! The Chaplain said he would give any extra copies to another fire company down the road. Many firefighters and policemen have never seen these and are grateful to receive a copy. Your prayers and support allow us to send out copies to fire and police chaplains around the world, free of charge!

Upcoming: This week we leave for 8 days of services at Abell Community church near Guthrie, OK (8-15th), we sing at a senior’s center in Amarillo, TX (16th), enjoy an early Thanksgiving with some of our family in Edwards, CO (23-25th) and participate in ski instructing clinics. In December we leave for Louisville, KY, Ashville, NC, and Charlotte NC (1-12th). We hope to visit the Billy Graham Cove, the Billy Graham Library, speak at Lakewood Baptist Church in Louisville (6th) and then receive my doctorate at Southern Seminary (11th). In January, I have been asked to speak at a Westcliffe, CO men’s breakfast (8th), and a men’s retreat in Montrose, CO (29-30th). In February, I help lead worship at the High Ground Men’s Retreat (24-26th).

Family: Lord willing, all of our family will join us in Louisville for my doctoral graduation. Stephen, Joy, Hannah (6) and Bethan (5) will fly in from Inverness, Scotland where Stephen is a bi-vocational preacher and Joy is preparing to begin teaching certification. Nick and Rebekah just returned from a trip to the Philippines and will join us from Edwards, CO. They are part owners in a wonderful restaurant. Steve and Annie will come on a “red eye” from Los Angeles where Steve is in TV production and Annie is a special needs teacher. Tim and Sara will also come in from LA where Tim works in warehousing and Sara in accounting. What a blessing for all of us to be together! Melva’s health continues to improve, especially since she cut back on her substitute school teaching! Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer requests: For the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be upon us as we travel and share the great news of Jesus in OK, CO, and KY! Please pray for safe travels as our family gathers. Please pray for Ralph Bell, a wonderful evangelist and co-worker for many years with Billy Graham who will have multiple by-pass heart surgery (12th), as well as for Steve Hoskins, a dear brother in Christ who is in much pain from a herniated disk in his back. Please lift up Paul and Sarah Muirhead, our former interns, in their training for missions in AZ. And please pray for revival in our wonderful land! Your prayers make a huge difference. Each time we share, we have confidence in knowing that you’re praying for us!

Daniel, Krista and Gabriella (1) Pennington continue to do a wonderful work among college students and filling in behind us as we travel to share the gospel. Thank you for praying for them!

Finances* This year’s finances are running a bit behind. However, every need is being met and we know that with your prayers we will be able to continue and expand our outreach! Thank You!

We are truly, “Too blessed to be depressed, too anointed to be disappointed...” Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Rick and Melva Daniel and Krista

*Your investment in Rick Barton Ministries has not only provided for our personal monthly needs, but allowed us to hold services in CO, TX, OK and WY; give away almost 5000 New Testaments and discipleship materials, conduct a football team chapel, support interns, campus ministers and fire chaplains, provide assistance to Christians and non-Christians with food, clothing and medicine, help a pastor in Kenya and a missionary couple attend needed renewal retreats; provide training for workers through our Bible Institute, support “alumni” headed to missions, and more! Thank you!

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