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October 2015
Blessings from the Colorado High Country

Right after we sent out our last newsletter we had another series of blessings! A mother texted and asked if I would baptize her 8th and 3rd grade son and daughter. When we met with them we shared that the prerequisite for baptism is to trust Jesus as Savior and yielding to Him as Lord. You could see the eyes of her heart open as she and the children embraced the Savior! We baptized them the next day with many family and friends present. Please pray that her husband Jim will come to Christ as well!

Another call came; this time a Catholic family asked me to talk with them after the death of a relative. I knew the relative; he had come to Jesus in the 1970’s and lived a life full of love for the Lord. “Is he in heaven” they asked, “or is he suffering in Purgatory?” I was able to share the good news of the gospel and the assurance of salvation by grace. Then a third door to share Jesus opened; a young man was having marriage and life issues. Once again the Lord had them reach out to us for help and we were able to share the Savior’s love. Thank you for your prayers as they continue to open the door to share with many.

Saturday Evening Worship catches a vision for missions! As you may know, the Lord has allowed many men and women from our ministry to go into the Lord’s service as missionaries and Christian workers. From the first meeting of our Saturday Evening Worship group six years ago, we have given at least 50% of the offering to missionaries who have come out of Gunnison. Even though our group is small, averaging 15 to 20 in attendance, we have prayed for these workers weekly. At the beginning of the summer we felt the Lord leading us to give 100% of the offering from July to September to support their efforts. By His grace we were able to send over $5000 to 14 missionaries in the US and abroad!

Caring for the unborn: The local crisis pregnancy center, Legacy Family Ministries, needs an ultra-sound machine. A group has offered to pay for half the $28,000 cost. Please pray that the Lord will raise up the other half as well as a certified technician to operate it. The need in the community, especially with the college is real. We are helping as we can and challenging others to join in.

Prayer groups springing up! Over the past few weeks several prayer groups have spontaneously sprung up in our valley. Each of them is asking God to send revival in a mighty way; locally, state-wide and nationally! Several pastors began meeting for an hour of prayer monthly, then another group proposed a 24/7 prayer chain, and a third group began to meet weekly for an hour of prayer during lunch time. I believe this is a precursor to true revival. Please join us in prayer for our nation and our churches!

Finances: Please ask the Lord to guide us in how to use His resources and to continue to provide. A special “thank you” goes out to all of you who have stood with us consistently, even when the newsletters have been delayed with fires and ministry travel. This year we have been able to give away more New Testaments and materials than ever before. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Family: Melva and I hope to join Rebekah and Nick, as well as Steve and Annie for Thanksgiving in Edwards, CO. Then, Lord willing, many of us will gather in Louisville, KY for my doctoral graduation in December. We’re planning to take our granddaughters, along with their parents, to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte to enjoy the Christmas programs. Melva’s back is much better! Her strength is still not back completely, possibly due to sinus/allergies. Thanks for all your prayers for our family.

Daniel, Krista and Gabriella Pennington: Now that the college is back in session, Daniel is setting up book tables and sharing with students. In addition, they direct the Brushfire Christian Coffeehouse. Daniel is also helping me teach at our Saturday Evening Worship services.

Upcoming: I have the privilege of preaching at Trinity Baptist here in Gunnison (Oct.4), hold a chapel for hunters (Oct. 11), help start a Bible study for local fire and police (Oct.15), speak at Esterbrook (WY) Community Church (Oct.18), and speak at a chapel for the Rock Solid High School in Denver (Oct.23).

In November we hold a week of services at Abell Church outside of Guthrie, OK (Nov. 8-15). Then I resume teaching skiing over Thanksgiving. Please pray over these meetings that the Holy Spirit will anoint us and touch many for Jesus!

West Elk Bible Institute: Due to my full schedule, and abysmal organizational skills, we are postponing the Bible Institute classes until January. Then, Lord willing we will teach Introduction to Christian Theology and the Pastoral Epistles to local Christian workers.

Prayer requests: For the anointing of the Holy Spirit as we attempt to live and share the gospel! For Melva’s health to return to full strength. Please pray for Pastor Joshua in Kenya who has health issues and needs a refreshing in the Spirit. Continue to pray for son-in-love Stephen as he preaches throughout Scotland. And, for revival in our churches, cities and country! We are trusting God for miracles!

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support! We know that “all is vain unless the Spirit of the Holy One comes down”. We don’t just believe in prayer, we depend on it!

May the Lord bless each of you! You are loved and appreciated! Rick and Melva Daniel and Krista

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