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March 10, 2014
"Driving to Zion"

"Homecoming for Rick's mom": On February 15th, Martha Barton went to sleep on earth and awoke in heaven. From the dozens of cards and calls we've received, it's apparent that she impacted many lives in a positive way for Jesus. I had the privilege of conducting her funeral in a full church building. One of her former pastor's wives commented on all the "swingers" (single older ladies) she drove everywhere. "There were always more ladies than she had room for", she remarked, "Now she has room for all of them!" I can just see my mom driving them around those "golden streets".

February Happenings: Much of February was spent caring for my mom and her affairs. The ski area graciously gave me time off to be with her. In addition, we conducted a funeral for an old friend, taught and preached locally, hosted two of our missionary couples who were passing through, did some training for the local fire department, preached in Denver for our friends at Redeemer Temple, and led worship for the High Ground men's Bible/ski retreat in Beaver Creek, CO. .

"Pastors/Wives Dinner": On March 7 we hosted our 2nd annual "Evangelical Pastors and Wives Dinner". This year we had 30 attendees from Lake City (65 miles south), Crested Butte (30 miles north), Saguache (60 miles southeast) and Gunnison. What a blessing to see men and women from different churches praying for each other's families, ministries and revival!

Doctor of Ministries Update: As you may remember, the plan this winter was to cut back on my skiing in order to work on the DMin and rest my knee. Well, the Lord used that time instead to be with my mom and handle her affairs. Soooooo, I'm hoping to take time this spring to get away and write the next phase. Please pray that I am able to discern the Lord's timing and direction in this matter.

Finances: The Lord continues to graciously provide every need in abundance! Thank you for investing in His kingdom through us.

Rich and Shelba Townsend: Rich has been busy helping Trinity Baptist Church in Gunnison go through their transition between pastors; preaching and serving on the Leadership Team. The doctors at National Jewish Hospital were able to diagnose Shelba's illness as "silent, aspirating pneumonia" and she is undergoing treatment. Thank you for continuing to pray for her full recovery!

Family: All our family was able to talk with my mom before her passing and several were able to drive to Gunnison and visit her. Stephen and Joy (Hannah and Bethan) are staying busy with the girl's school and work. Stephen has had the blessing of preaching several times a month throughout the United Kingdom. Nick and Bek are having a busy winter with their restaurant in Vail, CO and Bek was able to visit my mom several times. Steve and Annie were able to visit as well along with Tim and Sara. We are grateful that our family all love each other and pull together to help one another!

Upcoming: Now that things with my mom have been resolved, we anticipate getting back into a more "normal" schedule of studying and speaking. We're currently scheduled to share at Trinity Baptist in Gunnison March 16 and Pitkin Community Church May 25. On July 25th we are planning to celebrate our 45th year of ministry with a dinner and night of fellowship in Gunnison (we celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary June 6). It would be a huge blessing if you could join us! Let us know and we'll help arrange housing.

Prayer Requests: For Shelba Townsend's continued healing, for Pastor Van Hudson's healing (Van is our friend and a Pastor in Guthrie, OK who has had serious medical issues this month), for my being able to work on and finish my DMin, and most of all for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to remain on and increase as we seek to serve the Savior!

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement and support! You are truly our wonderful co-laborers in the Master's vineyard!

Rick and Melva Barton Rich and Shelba Townsend




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