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September 2012

Greetings Co-Laborers! I 'm glad our country sets aside a day each year to honor "laborers". In Luke chapter 10, Jesus tells us that "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few." Millions of us call ourselves Christians but seldom put our "hand to the plow" in sharing the gospel and helping make disciples. Our time, energy, and finances, are wasted on ourselves; and little if anything goes toward building God's kingdom. A huge "THANKS" to each of you who labor in your churches and alongside of us in His work!

Good reports from the field: This week we received a letter from a couple who observed two of our "alumni" serving in the Lord's service. The two men didn't know one another; one was with us in the 70's and the other many years later. When the couple talked with them and found out their connection to our ministry, they felt led to send us a letter of encouragement. Hardly a month goes by that we don't hear some good report. Currently, we know of missionaries, pastors, and seminary professors who are serving around the world. Each of you who pray for us and support us financially are part of this!

This Month: After returning from the South Dakota fire assignment I was able to spend time with my mother (Martha-a young 85 yr. old) who spent a month in our local hospital. Thank you for your prayers for her; and please continue to pray as there are still some issues that need to be resolved. I also was able to work on my Doctor of Ministry, teach a "Foundations" series, and even cut some firewood for the winter. This week we made a trip to Denver to pick up our daughter Joy and granddaughters Hannah and Bethan.

Coming Up: Lord willing, we'll hold services at Rocky Mountain Chapel in Cripple Creek, CO (Sept. 9), have two weddings (Rebekah and Nick-Sept. 16 in Vail, CO and Steve and Annie in Los Angeles Sept 22), and two days at Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center (Sept. 26-27). We've also been asked to return to TN in October or November. In the meantime Rich, Paul and I will start teaching through the book of Romans on Saturday nights and prepare to teach our West Elk Bible Institute sessions beginning in October. I've also been asked to do a football team chapel in November.

Rich and Shelba, Paul and Sarah: One of the challenges of the crazy ministry we have is the time away from Gunnison affecting our ministries here. The addition of Rich and Shelba along with Paul and Sarah has helped immensely. Rich and Shelba are involved in so much including organizing the Bible Institute, helping teach and pastoral care. Paul and Sarah are also teaching, helping lead worship, doing outreach and missions. Thanks for your prayers and support for them as well.

Prayer requests: Thank you for your continued prayers! Please lift up my mother for a full recovery, Stephen and Joy in Scotland for the right church to serve in, the weddings and more importantly the marriages of our children, and for the Holy Spirit's wisdom and power as we continue to grow on Saturday evenings and move to a larger location.

Please pray also for the upcoming election. As one friend told me, it's hard to chose between a president who discounts Christian morality and seems to want to make the government god, and a man who stands for many of the right things but whose religion teaches that he may someday be a god. We definitely need to pray that God will guide the election, placing those in leadership who will honor Him, and lead our country back to the one true God! Please pray, then vote!

Finances: We continue to see the Lord's gracious provision! Last week as I was praying for additional finances to cover our health insurance (the ski area dropped all of us who were long-term seasonal workers), the Lord answered prayer and a brother felt led to increase his giving for the year by exactly the right amount! We aren't carrying a surplus, but every month His provision is right on time. Melva and I would like to give a big welcome and thank you to those who have recently joined our support team! And of course, special thanks to you faithful brothers and sisters who have been with us all along! (43 years)

Mailings: A few years ago we split our mailing lists. One list receives monthly mailings and the other "occasional" mailings; (we aim at quarterly but sadly that doesn't always happen). If you are on the "occasional" list and would like to be on the monthly one, please email, write or call us. Be sure to let us know if you would prefer to receive the updates by regular mail or email.

We are very grateful for the grace of God shown to us through each of you! May the Lord Jesus bless you!

Rick and Melva


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