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November 2011
"We Bring a Sacrifice of Praise!"

What a wonderful year so far! We've had the privilege of singing and sharing the Great News of Jesus on a sailing ship in the Aegean Sea, as well as churches in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas; ministering on forest fire lines in Arizona, New Mexico (2x), Wyoming and Texas; and sharing on the ski slopes of Crested Butte and Beaver Creek, Colorado!

October blessings: In early October I was blessed to travel to Louisville, KY and work on my Doctor of Ministry project as well as preach in Louisville and Gallatin, TN. Upon returning to Gunnison I was dispatched to Texas on another wildfire assignment. (Please continue to pray for rain for our Southern neighbors.) The Lord gave me opportunities to give away Firefighter New Testaments as well as daily devotionals for fire/EMS workers. I was also able to share with two non-believing co-workers about Christ during the assignment.

Rich and Sheba Townsend and Paul Muirhead covered the bases with the ministries here and held a "hunters church service" up on Cochetopa Pass. Paul safely kayaked through the Grand Canyon and is now helping with ministry locally. We've witnessed a blessing with our largest turnout yet for the West Elk Bible Institute. Over twenty men and women are attending. Rich and Shelba laid a great groundwork while I was on the fire and Rich is the lead instructor for a "satellite campus" (actually a ranch house), 35 miles away! Our "Ministry Breakfast", for those who feel called to missions and ministry, averages ten or more each week.

Family: Melva is substitute teaching almost every day. She's also helped with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). She and Shelba recently led a woman's retreat. Stephen, Joy, Bethan and Hannah continue to grow and minister in various churches in the United Kingdom. We continue to enjoy a good relationship with Rebekah even as we pray for her to fall in love with Jesus. Steve is staying busy in TV production and his church in Hollywood. Tim and Sara are doing well in Los Angeles. My mom continues strong as a children's worker at church and "designated driver", for all her friends. We look forward to having everyone home this Christmas as well as celebrating my mom's 85th birthday Christmas Day!

Finances: The Lord has continued to meet every need even as we've added Rich and Shelba full-time to our team, given away more Bibles and study books, pursued my studies and had an increasing number of opportunities to share. We trust Him to continue because He is wonderfully faithful! Thank you for your faithful love, prayers and support. They mean so much!!



2011 Ministry Opportunities and Highlights

January-March: Teaching skiing and sharing Jesus with folks from all over the world.
February: Helping lead worship at the High Ground Men's Retreat-Beaver Creek, CO.
March: In the evenings after skiing I taught forest fire safety classes for Federal, State, and volunteer firefighters and gave away firefighter Bibles and devotionals.
April: Ministry in MO, AZ, AR and OK. We held our annual Board meeting in Oklahoma City. Paul Muirhead returned from missions work in India and joins our team.
May: Melva and I ministered in CO, Rich and Shelba Townsend joined our team full-time and ministered in MO and CO.
June: Melva and I led worship on a sailing ship with Dr. Gene Getz following the "Journeys of Paul"
and celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. I preached in CO and worked on Forest fires in AZ and NM where I'm able to share Christ and give away firefighter Bibles and devotionals.
July: I continued to work on a forest fire in NM and we held our annual rodeo chapel service. Rich
and Shelba spent several weeks ministering in MO and Paul worked with river raft guides.
August: I was dispatched to another forest fire in NM and a fire in WY with more opportunities to share.
September: Melva and I were privileged to sing in TX plus speak and sing at a tent revival in Gunnison. Then
I left to work on my Doctor of Ministry at Southern Seminary and preached in KY and TN.
October: I was dispatched to Forest fires in Texas and then back to ministry in Gunnison. Melva and Shelba helped lead a women's retreat. Rich-Shelba-Paul held a "hunters chapel".
November: My 41st season of professional skiing begins. (The miracle is that the doctors told me I would
never ski again after a terrible motorbike accident when I was seventeen years old!)

Thank You! Your prayers and support make all this possible! Rick and Melva, Rich and Shelba, Paul.



"It is ministering to souls who live in the midst of mountain grandeur, but who never lift their 'eyes unto the hills' from whence their help might come; who enjoy God's placid lakes, tumbling streams and majestic waterfalls, but who have never drunk of the Water of Life; who shepherd the sheep on a thousand grassy hillsides, but who do not know the Good Shepherd; who reap the golden grain from the fertile plains, but who are starving for the Bread of Life." (Nicy Murphy on Colorado Ministry)

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"Bless the Lord, O My Soul and All that is Within Me Bless His Holy Name!
Have a Wonder-Filled Thanksgiving!




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