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Uploaded: April 11, 2011


April 2011

March Madness! What an exciting month. I had the privilege of training federal, state and volunteer forest fire fighters (and give away firefighter Bibles and Devotional books), sharing the great news of Jesus at the local Catholic Lenten Soup Supper, preaching at Grace Fellowship in Lake City, CO and teaching full-time at Crested Butte during one of our busiest times of the year. The Lord allowed me to share with both ski instructors and students as well as pray with folks from around the country during the lessons. One man told me that he had recently become a Christian and that my prayer with his family before skiing was a real encouragement.

Our Saturday Evening Worship Service has seen wonderful fruit as those attending are growing into a stronger relationship with Jesus. One of our new brothers had to spend some time in jail for prior offenses. While there, he was able to lead his cell mate to Christ! Last night we finished our 15-month verse by verse study of the Book of Luke. Now, we'll show the Jesus Film which powerfully portrays the entire book. Our West Elk Bible Institute finished the first half of the Book of Acts this semester. We're excited to complete it next fall.

Family: Stephen, Joy, Hannah and Bethan recently travelled south of Glasgow, Scotland where Stephen preached. It sounds like the Lord blessed many through him. Bek is finishing the ski season in Vail as an assistant manager of her restaurant. Steve is doing TV production work in Hollywood and active in his church. A special praise is that his recent heart pacemaker checkup went well! Tim and Sara are doing well in LA as well and active in their church. Melva is taking this week off from substitute teaching to help prepare us for the upcoming road trip. However, they are already booking her for when we return! She has been able to share with several of her friends this month about the Lord. My health is holding up well. Thanks for your prayers!

Finances: Our God is truly Jehovah Jireh- the "God who provides"! Every need is being met abundantly and we have been able to reorder Bibles and materials to give away as well as help others in need. Your faithful support is the tool He uses to do this. Thank You!!

Missionary Updates: Rick and Colleen Borkovec are headed to Pakistan, Cathy Gallaher, our former student who has been serving in missions for 20 years, until having to return for breast cancer treatment, is fully recovered and on her way back to the field! Paul Muirhead, a member of our "Called to Ministry" group has returned from 5 months in India and would appreciate your prayers for his next mission. Diane Johnson is doing a wonderful work serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Jackson, MS. Brad and Gina Shaw are returning from Peru for a few months, Suzi Schneider (and husband Rick), are back in Russia with Campus Crusade, and Frank and Steph Goetschl are serving in Costa Rica. Praise God, the list goes on and on.

This month we ask special prayer for Mark and Karen Higgins who were recently sent out to Mexico. They are setting up a feeding and ministry station and would appreciate prayer for the Lord's anointing to be upon them, and for sufficient finances to provide the food needed as well as Bibles and supplies. Please pray for them!

Prayer Requests: For the Holy Spirit to fill and empower us to serve effectively; for the Lord to lead Stephen and Joy into the proper ministry; for Bek to commit fully to Jesus; for Rich and Shelba Townsend as they join us full-time in May (and for the services they will be sharing in this spring and summer in MO and CO). Your prayers sustain us daily, THANK YOU!

Tip-ping, A City in China? Recently, I overheard a discussion in our ski school locker room. "I like church groups", a non-Christian instructor commented, "but they never tip!" Sadly, this is not the first time I've heard this. For some reason, Christians can be the worst tippers. Most resort and service workers (such as waiters and waitresses, ski instructors, raft guides, etc) depend on their tips as an important part of their income. In Luke 16:9 Jesus talks about making friends by the use of worldly wealth. I believe it is a part of our witness to be generous to those who help us. It opens doors for you as well as me to share Jesus with them ?

What a blessing each of you are to us! Your prayers, gifts and notes of encouragement are so important to us. May the Lord Jesus richly bless you! We love you.

Blessings, Rick and Melva



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