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Uploaded: Nov. 1, 2010

October 14, 2010
IT’S Thursday, WE MUST BE IN….”

Wow, even though the clock says it’s just after 6pm mountain-time, my body says it’s past 1 am Scottish time! Melva and I just returned from four tremendous weeks on the road. She was blessed to spend all four weeks in Scotland with Stephen, Joy, Hannah, and newest grandchild Bethan Grace. The day she left I was dispatched to a forest fire in Utah for two weeks. I drove home, and a day later left for two weeks in Scotland as well.

Forest Fire Ministry: The day Melva left, I told our fire dispatcher that I had exactly one day of being available for a fourteen day dispatch. She laughed since fire activity around the country had really slowed down and folks had been waiting for several weeks without a dispatch. I just prayed asking the Lord to guide my steps. A few hours later the dispatcher called and said, “You’re the luckiest person I know!” They had received a call from Utah for an Information Officer and for some reason all their local people were unavailable. On the fire I was able to give away firefighter New Testaments, encourage the starting of a Salt Lake City Fellowship of Christian Firefighters chapter, and witness to several Mormon and non-Mormon firefighters! And, the 162 hours of work in 13 days helped with our ministry expenses and Scotland trip.

Scotland: A day after coming home from the fire, I drove to Denver, hopped a series of flights to Chicago, London and Inverness, Scotland. Our newest granddaughter, Bethan Grace (a Welsh name meaning something like “To God be the glory”, met me along with our daughter Joy, husband Stephen, and our other granddaughter Hannah (almost 2). We enjoyed two weeks of fellowship and ministry throughout the Inverness area. Melva and I had the privilege of sharing music and God’s word at two churches, a nursing home and a college ministry! What a blessing. The Lord is really moving in northern Scotland.

A lesson to be learned: When Melva arrived in London a series of delays caused her to miss her flight to Inverness which cost us several hundred dollars; when I arrived I made the connection by renting a taxi for the hour trip between airports but ended up paying two hundred dollars more for my carry-on luggage! Then, when we were preparing to leave, we ran into all sorts of delays and possible exorbitant fees. Uuugh!

We had to fight the temptation to become frustrated, and distracted from the Lord’s mission. Melva and I continued to pray together and give thanks for (Ephesians 5:20) and in (Romans 8:28) all things, but it was tough. We sensed this was an attempt by Satan to take our eyes off Jesus. As we trusted, the anointing on the meetings grew, doors to share opened, and opportunities to pray and encourage increased. When we were leaving the country a series of helpful airline staff waived any extra fees and even placed us in a wonderful exit row for the 9 hour flight home from London! I guess the lesson is, it’s one thing to say you believe God’s word and His instructions, but what really counts is doing them.

Two New Devotional Books:! A few months ago Melva was asked to write a devotional for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s wives devotional book. It looks to be coming out soon! A new daily devotional book, “Stories of Faith and Courage From Firefighters and First Responders” published by AMG, has been released and includes 37 of the stories I wrote as well as two of my fire pictures. The book is being sold through the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters (FCF) (, 1-800-322-9848) as well as a number of major bookstores, Borders, Amazon, etc.) The response has been great with over 4000 sold in just a few weeks! A portion of the proceeds go to help the FCF. Thanks to your prayers and support, we purchased 40 copies and handed them out to our local fire department with good feedback. We hope to order more soon as finances allow. Contact the FCF above or us on how to order some for your fire department.

Finances: By the grace of God and your faithfulness we have made it through the summer. Lord willing, we will continue to do so. Things are still a bit tight but we are confident that He is able to provide every need, every time!

Answers to Prayer! The meetings in Scotland were all touched by the Holy Spirit’s hand, our son-in-love Stephen got a job with the city government for at least five months and is preaching in different churches almost every week, and our newest granddaughter was delivered with both mom and baby doing well.

Prayer requests: This weekend we conduct our Saturday service and a hunter’s chapel. After a week at home Melva and I will leave again October 21 for two weeks of ministry in Missouri. We really appreciate your prayers for His anointing, travel safety and good health! One of my feet has developed a nerve problem and quite a bit of pain, please pray for healing

Each one of you are loved and appreciated!







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