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Uploaded: Sept. 27, 2010

August 2010
What, August Already?!!

July has flown by, and what wonderful things the Lord has done. I was privileged to perform the wedding of a young man I helped come to Jesus. We baptized a man who received Jesus this winter in our Saturday Evening Worship service, and we helped with the homecoming service for a long-time rancher friend who went to be with Jesus.

“The God Who Heals”: One of the names God gives Himself in Scripture is “the God who heals you” (Ex. 15:26). We know that He is sovereign and heals who and when He wills, but we also believe He desires us to bring those in need to Him and ask for His touch. For several months we have asked you to pray for Cathy Gallaher, who had to return from the mission field to deal with breast cancer. The tumor wasn’t responding to treatment and the oncologist was concerned. At Cathy’s request, we anointed her with oil (by proxy-over the phone) since she didn’t have a local church connection. Well, as a result of prayer, the Lord graciously healed Cathy! The tumor immediately began to shrink and her prognosis is very positive! Please continue to pray for missionary Dan Curtis, Minnie Rose, and Bob Mofatt in OK for their healing as well.

This Past Month: The Lord continues to bring the unsaved and un-churched to our Saturday Evening Worship service; and our Thursday “called to the ministry” breakfast is going strong. Several from the breakfast group have returned from missionary work in NYC, Long Beach, and the Navajo reservation. Others remain in the field, and still others are heading out to India and Mexico this fall.

During our annual Cattleman’s Days we conducted a cowboy church service. 40 or so folks showed up and heard the gospel message. Many more heard it as the committee decided to broadcast it throughout the entire arena. This is our 30th or so year doing this service and the Lord always seems to use it. We send the offering to the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys for rodeo/Bible camp scholarships. In mid-July we had the blessing of sharing with a church out of Denver and the message the Lord gave apparently went straight to some hearts. August 1, I was privileged to preach at three services in the local Baptist church we attend and the Lord moved by His grace. Your prayers and investment are bearing wonderful fruit!

Finances have rebounded thanks to God’s grace through your continued investment in the Lord’s work. We received several unexpected gifts from churches and individuals which really helped! Passing it along: One of our former students returned to CA after helping lead a missions trip to Haiti where several hundred souls were saved. When they returned they needed money for their rent and bills. As a result of the Lord working through each of you, we were able to send a gift which helped them continue in service.

Upcoming: We have invitations to speak this fall in CO, TX, MO and Scotland. August 15 we share in Salida, CO. Please pray that the Lord will show us His will and timing.

West Elk Bible Institute: In September we start our second year of training workers through the WEBI. This fall we will offer two classes in basic Christian theology and the foundations of the Christian faith. Please pray the Lord will draw those He would choose as students.

Another answer to prayer! For some time I have prayed for a co-worker who could assist me in teaching, preaching and keeping things organized. For the past year Rich and Shelba Townsend have begun filling that role. They are a wonderful couple from MO who have been serving as missionaries with a local church. Please add Rich and Shelba to your prayer list as they allow us to continue and expand the work God has called us to.

Family: Melva is leading a women’s Bible study, substitute teaching and doing some door-to- door ministry. Stephen, Joy and Hannah continue to do well in Scotland while praying for the door to open for a full-time ministry role. Joy is due in mid-September and Lord willing we will go be with them. Bek is working in Vail as the assistant manager of a new restaurant. Steve is still trying to break into the TV production field in Los Angles. Tim and Sarah are doing well in LA as well. Thank you soooooo much for your prayers for our family.

Prayer requests: Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to anoint us in even more powerful ways for His service! Please pray for Stephen and Steve to be led to the right jobs and ministry. Please pray for Bek to come to know and love Jesus fully. And please pray for a replacement vehicle for our travels. We have a 2000 Ford Explorer with 176,000 miles. It’s a great vehicle for us, four wheel drive, large enough to carry everything on our ministry trips, and yet not too large. The problem is it’s been developing transmission problems.

Sneak Preview: A new daily devotional book for fire/EMS folks is coming out in September. They’ve decided to use several of our stories. The proceeds will go to help the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters. Here’s the website, take a look! And please pray the Lord will use it!

You are loved and appreciated! Rick and Melva







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