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Uploaded: December 8, 2009

May You Have a Blessed

CHRISTmas! What a wonderful time to pause and celebrate the most amazing event in history. As someone once said, “If we can grasp the incarnation, then raising the dead is easy.” Just think about it, God the Son, eternally co-existing with the Father and Holy Spirit, laid aside His privileges as God and came to earth to die for us. Wow!

He came to the poorest of families and yet is worshipped by rich and poor alike. He came to an obscure village in an occupied country, yet He is adored and loved all over the world. He is Lord of heaven’s armies yet establishes His kingdom through love and humility. He is the Creator of all that exists, maintains them by His power, and yet desires to walk and talk with each of us in a personal, living relationship. He has never had a wrong thought, sinned or failed in any way, yet He suffered and died for our sins. Wow!

This past month has been a flurry of activity for us, as I’m sure it has been for you. Events included the sending off of Joy, Stephen and Hannah back to Scotland, ski school meetings, starting a new outreach and more. We now have a Tuesday night Bible Institute in our home, a Thursday morning “Ministry Breakfast”, a Saturday evening worship service and a Sunday morning Bible study each week. Your prayers are sooooo appreciated!

Answered Prayers: During our first Saturday evening service we laid hands on Melva and prayed for her strength to return; on the following Wednesday she was noticeably stronger! “Bo”, a young man in Oklahoma we prayed for was healed as well. Thank God for His grace.

Continued Prayer Requests: Please pray for our brother in Christ, Joe Bugg in Oklahoma City. Joe has a recurrence of cancer and the doctor says that only Jesus can heal him. Of course that’s always the case isn’t it? Please pray for Joe, Hattie and their entire family. Also, please mention my Achilles tendon-it’s getting better but not completely healed, and my voice is still weak when I speak and sing. Please lift up Bek to come to Jesus, Stephen, Joy and Hannah to be led to the right place of ministry, and Steve to find the Lord’s job in his field of writing. Tim and Sarah, the newly-weds, seem to be settling in well and are very grateful for your prayers. My mom is facing possible back surgery and would appreciate your prayers.
And please, pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to rest upon Melva and me as we share Jesus and His word.

Speaking of giving: Thanks to your support, we’ve had a banner month of supplying workers with Bibles and study/witness materials! Our brother in OK reported that the 250 Spanish New Testaments we purchased have already been distributed to churches in OK and Mexico! He asked me to give each of you a big “Thank You”! Last week we sent over $500 worth of study and witnessing tools to the folks I taught in San Diego.

Yesterday we received a call from a pastor in Lake George, CO. I had given him a copy of our firefighter New Testament to share with his local volunteer fire department. He gave it to the Chief and the Chief wants one for every member of the department. (The Pastor’s son is in our “Ministry Breakfast” group and I passed them on today.) This fire department was the first responders on the huge Hayman fire a few years ago.

Finances: The Lord continues to supply every need! As we serve more and give more, He sends more. Thanks to God and to you His faithful hands. We never charge for any of the Bibles or materials we give away, or when we speak. Yet, we never lack.

Thank You for your faithful love, prayers and support. May the Lord Jesus richly bless you and yours this Holy CHRISTmas.

In His grace,

Rick and Melv

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