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Uploaded: September 5, 2009

September 2009

Wow! After finishing a forest-fire assignment, Melva and I had the privilege of leading worship at Gunnison’s Community Church on July 26th. On July 29th I started five weeks on the road by boarding an airplane for Louisville, KY. There I attended two Doctor of Ministry classes at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Southern). While on the plane I was able to share with a flight attendant who was reading a Christian book. She hadn’t received Jesus yet and I was able to share briefly with her and give her a pocket New Testament. At the seminary I was encouraged, stretched and challenged. This was my last class and now I have up to two years of research and writing to finish the degree. Thank you soooo much for your prayers and support as I seek to be a better tool in the Master’s hand to train men and women for ministry.

While at the seminary I was blessed to preach at Cragfont Baptist in Gallatin, TN and Lakewood Baptist in Louisville, KY. I trust the Lord spoke through me. I certainly sensed His anointing.

Aloha! (“Aloha” is a Hawaiian word with many meanings; mostly it is a greeting of love.) I finished classes August 14th and boarded a plane to meet Melva for her family reunion in Oahu, HI. Over the next few days we met with many of her wonderful family and had the privilege of conducting a chapel service. We are excited at the number of family who have committed their lives to Jesus. While in Honolulu we attended the Bible College graduation service for Melva’s cousin Florante. After the reunion we flew to Kauai for more family time, rest and two services for Calvary Chapel-Kapaa. We were also able to share with two Mormons, a seeking woman in a gift shop, an out-of-fellowship believer and a man who had once felt called to ministry whose Buddhist wife had pulled him away from church. Mahalo (Thank you!) for your daily prayers.

The day we returned I conducted a funeral for a family in Gunnison. The next morning I held a chapel for the college football team and the next an adult Bible study.

Family: Stephen, Joy and Hannah are still in Inverness. Stephen is working, preaching in the area, and waiting for the Lord’s direction for a place to serve as pastor. The church which had originally planned to call him suddenly decided they didn’t need an associate pastor after all. He is interviewing with other churches. Please remember them in your prayers. Bek is still working in Vail and we appreciate your faithful prayers for her. Steve is in Los Angeles and seeking a place to live and work in Hollywood now that he has finished his “Christians in Hollywood” training. He really appreciates your prayers for the Lord’s direction. Tim and Sarah continue to plan their November 7 wedding in Los Angeles. My mom (82) is going strong while my dad is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. Thank you for your prayers for our family.

Upcoming: As of today (August31st) I become available for fire assignment. In the meantime I am working with our college students, doing a follow-up project for the seminary, and preparing to start teaching our first West Elk Bible Institute class. If the Lord doesn’t send me on a fire right away I will speak to a high school cowboy church service Sept. 13, participate in a leadership retreat near San Diego Sept. 21-23, and hold a series of special meetings in Hotchkiss, CO Sept. 27-30. Lord willing, we’ll start the Bible Institute class Oct. 6. Oct. 11 we’ll do a hunter’s chapel and Oct. 16-18 help lead a men’s retreat in Crescent, OK. In November its back to teach in San Diego (2-3) and Tim and Sarah’s wedding (7).

West Elk Bible Institute: This is the next step of a vision that has been forming in my heart for the past few years. I originally thought the Lord was going to send me away to teach in a seminary or Bible School, but gradually I realized that He continues to bring men and women to us who feel His calling to ministry. So, Oct. 6 I’ll start teaching a ten-week basic theology class. Please pray that the Lord’s hand will guide each step.

Finances: Our God continues to supply every need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. We are very grateful that He uses each of you as His channels. Whenever the funds begin to run low, He directs someone to send what is needed. Thank you for being sensitive to His voice.

As you know, the income from my firefighting helps provide our support. It is our form of tent-making. Most of all, it allows me to minister to many who never enter a church. Every fire-line chapel service I hold has unbelievers present. Thank you for your prayers for our safety and provision.

Mahalo and Aloha! May the Lord Jesus richly bless and guide each of you!

Rick and Melva


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