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August 18, 2009

August 2009
So Many Blessings!

Thank You! Melva and I want to thank each of you for your faithful prayers. As someone shared, “We don’t believe in miracles, we depend on them.” Your prayers continue to carry us through each day.

Miracle #1: A year ago Melva and I shared with a group from Legacy Church in Denver. During the message my attention continued to be drawn to a couple in the front row. I shared the call and cost of following Jesus. Turns out the couple weren’t believers, were living in sin and the man had sworn not to come to the meeting. This year they were back with the group, as new Christians and we joined in their wedding by the river!

Miracle #2: Our 2000 Ford Explorer, our primary ministry travel vehicle with 150,000 miles, developed a transmission problem. The shop examined it and broke the news that we needed to either replace the transmission ($3500), rebuild the transmission ($1800), or replace the vehicle ($?). I called several of you for prayer and a Christian mechanic friend from OKC suggested changing the fluid and screen ($175) first. Immediately following the change the car seemed to run worse. We kept praying and within a few days the problem disappeared. PTL.

Miracle #3: As we entered July the ministry finances were losing ground. This coupled with the wet summer and my speaking schedule preventing my going on fires was causing a concern. As you know, we try to never ask for funds, we simply share what God is doing and let Him prod folks to join in. He did! Thanks to each of you who responded to His call.

Other Blessings: Our rodeo church service went very well with a great turnout. The past two years the rodeo committee has broadcast the service throughout the entire complex including all the barns. Melva and I did a Hawaiian music program for the seniors at Trinity Baptist and led the worship for the Community Church. Our Thurs. Ministry Breakfast continues to grow with 8-10 from several churches and campus ministries. And of course seminary work.

Fire: As you may know, most of the country has had unusual amounts of rainfall. This means the opportunities to hold chapels and give away firefighter Bibles has been limited. The upside to this has been time to work on the large amount of reading and papers for my Doctor of Ministries program. Finally, the second week of July I was called to a fire near Norwood, CO. Even though I was only there 4 days I was able to give away several Bibles, share with a firefighter about the Lord and make some extra income. I was in charge of safety on the fire. The Lord blessed and no one was injured and no structures lost.

Upcoming: Tomorrow I start a 5 week road trip. Two and a half weeks will be spent at Southern Seminary (Louisville, KY) working on my Doctor of Ministry program. While there I will preach in Gallatin, TN and possibly in Louisville. August 15 I fly to HI where Melva and I will attend her family reunion and Lord willing hold a chapel service. Then we will spend just over a week on her island of Kauai taking a break and teaching at Calvary Chapel. In September I hope to put in some forest fire time and then hold services in Hotchkiss, CO the 27-30th. October sees us doing a chapel for hunters near Gunnison (11th), holding a men’s retreat in Crescent, OK (16-18), heading to LA for Tim and Sarah’s wedding ( Oct 29-Nov 7), and to teach at the Horizon School of Evangelism in San Diego. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fall on each of these meetings and that Jesus is glorified.

Family: Joy, Stephen and Hannah are doing well while seeking the Lord’s assignment to serve in a church as pastor/associate pastor. Bek is still recovering from knee surgery in Vail-please continue to pray for her. Steve is really enjoying his month-long Christians in Hollywood training in Hollywood-please pray for the right job and housing as the program ends in early August. Tim and Sarah are busy with wedding plans in Los Angeles.

Finances: As we shared earlier, things were getting a bit tight, but the Lord working through you is meeting every need. Thank you!

In Memoriam: Mitch Baker, one of our original board members and faithful friend went to be with Jesus July 23. Mitch was a wonderful example of a faithful friend, godly man-husband-father. He will be deeply missed. Please remember Fleeta and the rest of their family, Don Haines, wonderful friend and supporter from Cripple Creek, CO went to be with the Lord on May 27. He and Dorma have been great prayer warriors on our behalf. We mourn, yet not as those who have no hope. (1 Thessalonians 4:13)

Prayer Requests: For the Lord’s anointing as we share His grace around the country. For a sore Achilles tendon to recover. For the Lord’s direction as we start our first Bible institute class for students in Gunnison. For the football team coach, Pat Stewart and his wife Linda. (For Pat’s influence with his players and for Linda who is suffering from neck injuries suffered in an automobile accident). The Gideon’s women’s auxiliary say that they stay on their knees so the men can stay on their feet. Thank you for keeping us on our feet. God Bless You!!!

Rick and Melva


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