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Uploaded: December 18, 2008



“O’ Come Let Us Adore Him”: Great news about Melva’s health, more travel mercies, and astounding things happening on the campus! All because of the faithfulness of God and your prayers! First, an update on Melva’s health. A year ago, after Melva and I returned from 6 weeks of forest fires and preaching trips, Melva was diagnosed with blood clots in the lungs. Six months ago a CT scan showed some still remained. Last month, the scan showed her lungs to be completely clear! Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you for your faithful prayer!

I made an unexpected return to Oklahoma City to tape an interview with Jack and Jodi Hough. Jack is a renowned inner ear surgeon (he helped develop the Cochlear ear implant), a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, and a wonderful Christian man. He and Jodi have served on our Board of Directors since the official inception of RBM. Jack and Jodi are both semi-retired yet actively discipling others. I interviewed the Houghs as part of my DMin studies, and more importantly to hear and record their story for generations to come.

God’s work on the campus continues to gain momentum. All three campus ministries, Campus Crusade, Christian Challenge, and FCA are seeing new students and having an impact. Your prayers and support help us to encourage these ministries. This morning we had over a dozen students attend our weekly “called to the ministry” training session. What a joy to see and hear the hearts of these men and women. Two underwent believer’s baptisms this week, others are running ministries on campus, one is assuming the leadership for his church’s financial program, some are church children’s workers and another directs the Christian coffeehouse in town. These folks come from very diverse backgrounds including drug and alcohol abuse, yet they are becoming solid ambassadors for the Savior! Thank you for your consistent prayers for these workers!

On the road again: This past Sunday I preached at Grace Fellowship in Lake City, CO. Grace evolved out of a Bible study Melva and I helped start in the mid-70’s. Now it is a flourishing church family led by a wonderful group of elders including Lyn Lampert, long-time friend and co-worker. This weekend we teach a study in Gunnison, take a group to sing at the nursing home and assisted living, and then leave for San Diego to teach in the Horizon School of Evangelism. Lord willing we will see our son Tim as well as great friends Mark and Cheri Cedar who pastor near Los Angeles. In January I teach at Southern Seminary, in February we hold services in Delta, CO, I study in Louisville, KY for a week, and then help with a men’s retreat.

On the slopes again: Yes, I’ve started my 40th year of professional skiing. (And I’m only 39!) I’m grateful the Lord allows me to have the privilege of working and sharing Jesus with folks from all over the world. I covet your prayers for safety, witness opportunities, and that my body will hold up!

Family: Joy and husband Stephen’s baby is due in mid-January. Stephen is working and preaching around Inverness while trying to get things ready. Bek is in Vail, CO. Steve is doing well here in Gunnison, and Tim is prospering in LA. My father had gall bladder surgery this week, please pray for him. My mother celebrates her 82nd birthday, December 25, and remains wonderfully active.

Prayer answers and requests: Answers: Joe Bugg astonishes the doctors with his recovery from delicate throat surgery! Melva’s lungs are clear! Rick’s cancer is still gone! Jan Wren and Mary Jane Bever are getting stronger every day! Requests: For the anointing of the Holy Spirit on Melva and me as we share in His ministry. For our daughter Rebekah to come back to Jesus. For those in our ministry training program and the believers on campus to be able to bring many on the campus to Christ and to be protected from the enemies snares.

Finances: As the Apostle Paul tells the Philippians in chapter 4, every need is being met. We are grateful for your investment in our lives and ministry, especially your love and prayers. We pray that the Lord will supply every one of your needs from His riches in Christ Jesus.

“Christ the Lord!” Friends, it is all about Jesus. We have been given the most wonderful gift of all, God’s own Son! May we all share this priceless gift with others!

May you have a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with significant impact for His kingdom! You are very loved and appreciated, Rick and Melva

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