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April 1, 2006


Breaking News:  I just received word from Denver Seminary that I don’t have to take the Doctor of Ministry classes.  They’ve decided to award me the degree based on my experience and good looks.  OK, read the date again……

Current Happenings:  Melva and 18 college students returned safely from mucking mud and ministering for the Master in New Orleans.  After 27-hour drives each way and shoveling mud out of homes, they were both excited and exhausted.  The stories of God’s grace and hope are just coming out.  We’ll be sharing more later. 

I just finished a three-week series at our church on the mission, life and vision of the church.  I really sensed your prayers!  Please pray that the eyes of our heart will be “flooded with light” (Ephesians 1:18) and that our vision for Jesus’ mission will grow.  A highlight was conducting my first baptism using dehydrated water!  The pastor of the church facility we were borrowing forgot we were coming….

Prayer Itinerary:  April 1 we will meet with supporters in Oklahoma City.  April 2-9 we’re sharing at Abell Community Church near Guthrie, OK.  April 10 we meet with friends and supporters in Ft. Smith, AR.  April 11-12 we will be in Gallatin TN at Cragfont Baptist.  April 18-20 our college athletes will be sharing on abstinence and sexual purity with high schools in western CO.  April 28-29 I will be sharing at a men’s retreat near Colorado Springs, CO.  May 2-4 we will be teaching at the Horizon School of Evangelism in San Diego.  May 28 I will be preaching in Pitkin, CO.  June 6 Melva and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary!  June 11 we will be sharing at Livermore (CO) Community Church.  June 18 I will be sharing at a men’s retreat in Rapid City, SD.  July 9th we will be ministering at Rocky Mountain Chapel in Cripple Creek, CO.  July 16 we will hold a rodeo service in Gunnison. And of course, forest fire assignments in between. Thank you for standing with us in prayer!   Please contact us for more information on how to join us! (970-209-8006)

Finances:  Things are still going strong.  We really appreciate each of you joining hands with us; especially as summer approaches and ministry support often suffers.

A final word:  Recently, I awoke several times with a burden to pray for Christian couples facing difficulties in their marriages.  God’s word is clear; He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16).  He doesn’t hate divorcees; rather He hates what divorce does to us, to our children, to other couples around us, and to our witness in the world.  Please pray with me that “we-the-church” will continually build marriages in Christ and show the lost world that Jesus is the cement for our homes.   And, that “couples that pray together” really do stay together. 

Thank you for your love, prayers and support!  You are soooo loved!


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