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January 1, 2006


Thank you sooooo much for all your love, prayers and support in 2005.  We ended the year with great ministry fruit; new believers coming to Jesus, maturing believers developing their gifts, anointed preaching (because of your prayers) and even a surplus of $181 over our annual budget!

Speaking of finances:  Because of your faithful investment in the work of the Kingdom, we were able to help two young pastors get started in seminary, assist wonderful saints through illness-related expenses, give aid directly to churches devastated by Katrina, and underwrite the Fellowship of Christian Athletes programs at the college and high school.  We finished the year miraculously and are going into the New Year strong.  Thank you!

Family: Melva is substitute teaching in the local school system almost every day.  They really like her work.  She has turned down several opportunities to work full-time in order to help me with the ministry.  Joy and husband Stephen came over from Scotland and joined the family for Christmas.  They’re really enjoying Stephen’s Bible College and have found a great church.  Rebekah continues to live and work in Vail.  She’s seeking direction on a possible career change into her field of graphic art.  Please pray for her.  Steve is living at home and loving/feeling challenged by his new position as arts/sound/light director at the Community church.  He just drove 14 college students to Nashville for the Passion worship conference.  Tim is back at BIOLA University in Los Angeles for his senior year.  He has a heavy academic load in order to finish this spring.  Please pray for him.  This school year has been a very productive one for Tim (despite his bicycle crash and hospital visit).  His evangelism class went to other campuses to witness and Tim was able to share the plan of salvation with several unsaved students.

Highlights:  Before Christmas we held a dinner for 17 of our key student leader/helpers. The Lord has really raised up a great team around us!  Christmas is a wonderful family time for us.  We went to Denver for two days and then to the mountains to cut a Christmas tree, ride sleds and have snowball fights.  My mother joined us Christmas Day, as we loved the Lord and each other. New Year’s Eve I prayed with our ski school staff on top of the mountain before the torchlight parade.   Last week, I took my first Doctor of Ministry class in Denver and really enjoyed it.

Upcoming:  Now it’s back to college and ski area ministry.  In addition, I’m starting a Sunday morning adult Sunday School class (our church currently doesn’t have one).

Prayer Requests:  Monday the 16th I enter the hospital for shoulder surgery.  It’s to remove bone spurs and clean up a frayed rotator cuff.  It’s the first of several surgeries I may have during the next year.  Please pray for God’s healing.  Also we’d appreciate your prayers for direction on how to maximize our service for Jesus.  As you know I have my hand in a lot of outreaches.  Sometimes (?!) I overextend.  Thank you for praying for our family, the college students, and for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to abide on us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We love and appreciate each of you.  In His grace,


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