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August 31. 2005
Fall Greetings

Wednesday, August 31: What a blessing to be alive in Jesus!  I just returned from 2 weeks of firefighting/ministry in Washington and have hit the ground running.  Monday evening Melva and I met with our college and high school leadership team.  Tuesday morning I met with a young man who feels called to the ministry, Tuesday evening I spoke to 70 or so college students and this morning I met with a student who feels called to sports ministry.  In the meantime, Melva and I are trying to fix/replace a computer, phones, TV-video, etc, which were damaged or destroyed when lightning hit our home last week.  Please pray that we get everything up and running soon.

August happenings:  Almost all of August was spent on forest fires in WY, SD and WA. In fact, as I am working on this newsletter, I just received a call to head to Grand Junction, CO for another fire.  What wonderful opportunities to share Jesus, give away firefighter New Testaments and hold chapels. 

September 4:  I’m back after four days on the GJ fire.  I was able to pray with a Division Supervisor affected by the hurricane as well as two fire officials from the local area.  And, I was able to give away several New Testaments.  During the past two weeks I received calls from a California chaplain asking for a case of New Testaments to give away on fires, an ex-hotshot superintendent asking for a case to distribute at a 9/11 Memorial service, and an Oregon firefighter who I had given a Bible wrote to ask for 6 more to give away to co-workers.  Your faithful prayers and support allow us to help.  Thank You.  Another blessing has been to send support to a young Montana pastor to allow him to start his seminary work.  We held a revival in his community 2 years ago and were excited to see this brother leading a church of 100 in a town of 500.  We felt impressed to help him fulfill his dream of training by extension.  (Just as so many of you have helped us in the same way!)

Family:  Our daughter Joy and husband are settled in Scotland where Stephen will finish his Bible College training.  Rebekah is busy in Vail, Steve is working and living here while he seeks a job in TV/video production, and Tim is back at BIOLA University for his senior year.  Melva is already substitute teaching (teaching 3 of the first 4 days of the school year) and she finished her Information Officer task book for fires (Yeah). Grandson Trevor has started 1st grade and enjoying it.

Ministry Finances:  Things are running around a month behind so thanks for your prayers and help.  With the college and high school ministries back in full swing the monthly costs rise quickly.

Upcoming:  By the next newsletter I will have some dates for our fall swing.  We hope to do a preaching tour and visit as many of you as we can.  We are committed to lead worship for a cowboy retreat in Westcliff, CO in October as well as a California swing during September if possible.

God Bless You and thank you for your love, prayers and support!! 

I just received a call from dispatch and I’m needed in Mississippi for hurricane relief.  I will leave Tuesday.  Please pray. 

In His care, 

Blessings, Rick and Melva

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