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May 2003

Greetings from Snake Free, Chigger Free, Man-Eating-Vine Free Colorado,

Wow, what a great month of ministry opportunities! Hold on to your seats as I update you.

First, Troy, Montana - Before Melva and I left to hold revival services in Troy, I asked you to pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing to fall. What I didn’t tell you was that the last time they held revival services in Troy, only 3 people showed up. So understandably, Pastor Cam and Cathy Foote and the church leaders were somewhat concerned about this time. When I first talked to Cam, I assured him that each of you would be praying for the meetings and that for at least those four days, Community Baptist Church would be the most prayed for church in Montana.

Pastor Cam had already seen revival starting (the church was running close to 100 in a town of 600), but felt these meetings could help them step-up another level. So, you prayed, we prayed, the folks in the church prayed, and guess what happened? The first service almost reached their record attendance and the four evening services averaged over 50! Souls were saved and believers strengthened. Thank you sooooo much for praying. Please continue to pray for Troy.

Space Shuttle Ministry: When Melva and I returned from Troy, I was asked to go to SE Texas to help with the Columbia Shuttle recovery. For over a week I waded through heavy vines, stepped over poisonous snakes and everything that could bite, sting, or stick, looking for shuttle parts.

Immediately upon arriving I was able to give away a firefighter New Testament, and then I asked permission to hold a chapel on Sunday eve. The devil tried to fight us. Permission to hold the service was given and then denied at the last minute. As I prayed, several firefighters asked members of the team if there would be a service. The Incident Commander changed his mind and allowed us to meet, and over 25 believers and non-believers, of all races attended. I gave away New Testaments, and counseled and prayed with the firefighters. As long as I remained on the incident, people sought me out and asked for New Testaments or prayer!

Upcoming: Next weekend (May 11), Melva and I travel to Roswell, NM where I have been asked to share on evangelism with 200 church workers. Please pray that the Lord will anoint there as well. Then, Memorial Day weekend I preach in Pitkin, CO. Joy’s wedding is on June 7th and of course our 32nd wedding anniversary on June 6. I love Melva more now than when we married, she is such a wonderful helpmate!

Prayer Requests: For our college students as they head out as missionaries around the world and in their hometowns. For Melva and I as we travel and speak. For each of our children as they walk with Jesus. For the ministry finances: A combination of increased expenses (our college interns and ministry, as well as the purchase of materials and equipment) and a slowing of donations have combined to eat away the surplus we carried from last year. Please join us in prayer that the Lord will replenish the storehouse.

You are loved and appreciated! God bless each of you.

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